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Can you still move during lockdown.

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

The Prime Minister has announced a new national lockdown in England in a bid to control soaring coronavirus cases.

People are only allowed to leave home for limited reasons, while non-essential shops and schools must close. Similar measures have been introduced in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The housing market will remain open, and people can continue to buy, sell, rent or let properties, as long as government guidlines are followed.

Our partners at Taunton Property Centre had this to say: "I am delighted to hear that the property market will remain open during these tough times and I know our customers will be too. We understand that it is essential that we play our part in the control of this virus and can assure you that we will be strictly following the government guidlines'

Experts suggest the new restrictions are expected to remain in place until the middle of February and will only be lifted if the pressure on hospitals improves.

Will the housing market stay open?

Yes, the housing market will remain open.

Viewing a property or moving house will be allowed as an exception under which people are allowed to leave their homes.

Other services such as Solicitors, mortgage broker and removals will continue to operate but under strict new guidlines.

It is important to note that social distancing measures must be observed when viewing properties or moving home.

Will estate agents stay open?

Yes, they will remain open but members of the public will have to follow certain rules if they want to visit their offices.

If you want to list your property for sale or rent, agents can still visit your home to take photographs and measurements, but

  • social distancing measures must be followed

  • wearing a suitable face covering,

  • keeping internal doors open

  • staying two metres away from people who are not part of your household.

Our team if mortgage brokers work remotely and can still help via telephone, zoom or email.

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