Life Insurance


Getting the right protection for your family 


Whether you are buying your first home or you are moving its likely that you protectioion needs have changed. As your life moves forwards and changes so do your needs for protection. 


At The Mortgage Centre UK we pride ourselves of making sure our customers have a full discussion around their life insurance and other protection needs as well as providing them with a mortgage. 

Life Insurance 


As you know, insurance is the safety net that breaks your fall when things go wrong. Some people overlook insurance due to there being no physical product to take away. 


How many times have you bumped your car and was glad you had insurance to cover the bill of a few thousand pounds? Imagine you now had a bill of 200 hundred thousand pounds, would you be glad you had insurance? Of course you would. 

Life insurance like any insurance is only useful when you need it. 

It becomes increasingly apparent when you are taking out a mortgage loan, due to the fact it is one of if not the biggest financial commitments you will ever make and it's vital to protect yourself from a large, unmanageable debt.

Get a free quote today and see how much that cover actually means to you. 



Income Protection


Protecting your income in this modern world is about as important as anything, some say ever more. Please take a few minutes to watch a real video of real people and why they wish they had some in place. 


7 Families and the importance of income protection.





7 Families is a charity led campaign to provide a tax-free income for one year to seven people who have lost their income because of a serious or long-term illness or disability. They want to highlight the need for people to plan financially in case they become too ill to earn an income and the charity Disability Rights UK are working with the seven families where the main breadwinner has been forced out of work by an accident or illness and not received any related insurance pay out.

Relying on their employer did not work out for them.  




Critical Illness


Sadly, according to statistics 1 in 2 of us will get cancer in our lifetime.


For us at The Mortgage Centre UK that sentence alone is enough to make sure we cover as many people as possible. Critical illness cover is exactly that, it provides you with a safety net of money., usually a lump sum upon diagnosis or certain critical illnesses. 


When arranging a critical illness cover its very important to speak tio a broker to make sure that you get the cover you need.

For insurance business we offer products from a choice of insurers


Complete Mortgage Process

At The Mortgage Centre UK we believe that providing you with a mortgage is only half of the job, that’s why we take the time etc discuss with you in details you protection arrangements as well.

No family should have to go through hardship financially at an already difficult time of their lives.


At The Mortgage Centre UK we can offer you a range of products from a range of insurers. We can offer Income protection, family income benefit, life cover, critical illness cover and more. 


Don’t  leave anything to chance. 

We have got you covered!


If you are looking for a mortgage or  life insurance quote and want to apply quickly online , you can fill in our quote form HERE and get the ball rolling straight away. Alternatively if you would like to book an appointment you can do so by clicking on the button below. 

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