The following documents are  required to process a mortgage application. 

This list is not extensive and other documents may be required subject to your own circumstances

  • Passport for each applicant  (photo or scan)

  • Driving licence or utility  with current address (photo or scan) for each applicant 

  • Last 3 months payslips (scan or pdf copy) or

  • Last 2 years Tax year overview and tax calculations Click here to find out how to download them

  • Last 3 months Bank statements (can email pdf version) Click here to find out how to download them.

  • Proof of deposit fund (last 3 bank statements/ savings statement) from you and the person giving the gift.

  • Credit Search, please ensure you click HERE

  •   – (this is a 30 day free trial, so as long as you cancel before, you will not be charged by Check My File)

  • Details of the Estate agent you are using




  • Gather Documents 

  • Submit application to lender

  • Lender will go and Value the property 

  • Lender will issue a formal mortgage Offer 

  • Offer goes to Solicitor and they complete the transaction.